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H(caps)ere we come with top selling BB creams list along with FAQ about BB creams, So first lets know about this & clear your doubts about this cream.

What does BB Cream mean?
The BB(Blemish Balm) Cream is the essential product for active women when combining makeup and treatment. The BB Cream is the essential product for active women when combining makeup and treatment. It is a very complete product for skin care. BB Cream is an all-in-one product that hydrates, corrects imperfections and protects against UV rays.

Where does BB Cream come from?
Now that you know what a BB cream is, you may be wondering who we have to thank for this super multi-purpose product. The BB Cream is created by German dermatologists (Dr. Christine Schrammek) in 1960s to protect her patients skin after facial peels and surgery.
But it is in Korea where he achieves remarkable success! Once again we have Korea who brought us this great innovation from the beauty world . As I'm sure you already know, the beauty routine in Korea is very extensive, they do up to 14 steps! With the BB cream, facial care is much easier and the routines are shorter. Its popularity grew so much that it crossed borders to reach the rest of the world. All a success!

The BB Cream is for you if you.
You are one of those who do not do your facial care routine every morning "due to lack of time". Use a BB cream and get a hydrated and radiant face in record time
Are you going on a trip? Do not forget to carry your BB cream in the bag: it hardly takes up space and all your skin needs will be covered.
You want a mattified face but you don't like to see yourself wearing makeup. The BB cream covers small imperfections and tones the tone, leaving your skin very natural.

When to use a BB cream?
BB creams can be used on a regular and daily basis. However, as one of the most versatile skincare products on the market, they are especially useful when you don't have time to use a moisturizer, primer and foundation. Just slather on a little BB cream (preferably one with SPF) and you'll be ready to roll.

Benefits of using a BB Cream on your skin
By using a BB cream we are using several products in one since, thanks to its multi- purpose formula , you will be able to save time in your facial care routine while achieving radiant skin. Take note of its benefits:
  • It is a long lasting moisturizer.
  • Immediately unifies skin tone.
  • Corrects imperfections: spots, pimples, expression lines.
  • Protects from the effects of everyday UV rays.
  • Its texture is light and easy to apply only with the help of your fingers.
  • It works in the short and long term: using a BB cream on a daily basis improves the quality of the skin on your face.
  • There is a specific BB cream to also treat different skin problems: blemishes, wrinkles, oily skin.

Bestsellers BB Creams in India

Best BB Cream Brand Price
Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C BB Cream 9g Garnier Check Price
POND'S BB+ Cream, Instant Spot Coverage  POND'S Check Price
Spawake BB Cream 02 Natural Glow Spawake Check Price
POND'S White Beauty BB+ Cream POND'S Check Price
Aegte Organics Dewy DD Cream (BB+CC) Aegte Check Price
SUGAR Cosmetics - Goddess Of Flawless - BB Cream SUGAR Cosmetics Check Price
POND'S BB+ Cream, Instant Spot Coverage POND'S Check Price
Blue Heaven BB Cream Blue Heaven Check Price
Just Herbs Ayurvedic BB Cream  Just Herbs Check Price
Fair & Lovely BB Foundation Fair & Lovely Check Price

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