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F(caps)ace acne problem in young age is a common problem, 70% boys and girls in young age face problem. Today I give you a professional suggestion regarding treatment without allopathy medicine. Purchase Kutki and Chirata herbs which is easily available on a pansari shop. one Tola Kutki and 1 Tola Chirata dip in one glass water. 
Remember don't use metallic glass only use Chini Mitti Cup / glass. Early in the morning add one cup of water and boil this till it remain only half CUP. Use tea strainer for straining. Mind that this preparation is very bitter. But if you drink this early in the morning, you find in one month that your skin become much healthy and shining. Your acne disappear and never back again. It's  guaranteed. 

Divyangii_rajput(Celebrity Makeup Artist)
Note: Acne is not real in above pic

1. Drink this preparation without eating early in the morning. 
2.Dont eat anything at least one hour after drinking this remedies. 
3. This is bitter one, so you must take pure honey or chinni. 
4. Khatai, oily and junk food avoid during this treatment. 
5. Take this treatment 21 days. 

1. Acne problem treated very well
2. Face and skin become more shiny. 
3. Blood purify. 
4. Protect from protozoan diseases. 

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